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Away With Words: Volume 3 (3 COPIES LEFT)


Image of Away With Words: Volume 3 (3 COPIES LEFT)

Poetry anthology edited by Edward Green & Elinor Potts
Book design by William Francis Green
148x210mm perfect bound, 88pp
Printed in London on recycled paper, 2019
Limited run of 150 copies

Joelle Taylor
Sallyanne Rock
Josh Baines

Isaac Emmerson
Zanna Wolff
Angus Rogers
Lewie Magarshack
Edward Green
Elinor Potts
Mukahang Limbu
Hassan Ghanny
Daisy Thomas
Mel Reeve
Dan Weller
Holly Bond

Harrison Charles
Paddy Hornby
Tommy Sissons
Joseph Roberts

Tom Butler

Jean Penne

Chloë Hasti

Daniel Crilly

Steph Gorman
Maria Christodoulou
Kate Reeve-Edwards
Teddy McDonald
Amilia Graham
Molly Ellen Pearson
Samuel Peregrine
Alolika A. Dutta
Rushika Wick